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For those of us who owned Banners, JTs book made you feel like you were privileged to be the keeper of such an instrument.

Thanks, Zomby!


Hey JT, just this weekend I went through Berlin, Ohio. I am guessing though this is not the Berlin you are talking about.

Alas, no. I've not been to either Berlin. The folks in Berlin, Germany offered to cover my expenses to visit their fine city. Now, if the folks in Berlin, Ohio will do the same ... :)

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jt deserves a medal for his work and research.


Or a trophy.


Or both...

Thanks, Murph!


Kalamazoo Gals changed my life. The project convinced me of the value and power of using first-person narratives to recount historical events.


My next two books will address the US/Mexico border. The first, for which I spent months conducting interviews in Mexico (in Spanish) and the US (usually in English), will be published December 1:




The second, due to a different publisher, will emerge sometime next year.


Thanks, again.

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