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Jimmy Page gives an address at the Oxford Union.


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Thanks. That was interesting. He is a better guitar player than he is a speaker. He always seems a bit nervous during interviews and speaking.

Yes. He kept touching his nose, which is a sign of nerves.

http://www.jimmypage.com/discography/sessions. This list of the songs he played has a lot of big British stars on it. He even played on Goldfinger. The James Bond song.

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Great to see Jimmy Page sharing his wisdom (hard earned) to young folks.....


Indicates the hard work and commitment needed to make it in the music business


'Making your own luck' has never been more appropriate


The grounding in session work allied to the desire to perform to the public


And meeting Robert Plant at just the right moment





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People forget how damn good that guy was. Yeah he was a little sloppy at times, but he is Jimmy "F-ucking" Page.


Yes, he is damn good. I wouldn't even use past tense. Sadly, we haven't seen him perform really since the '07 show. I thought that was a great concert. As for playing style, he has played live before and played horribly due to acute intoxication. However, his normal playing style is different, but I'm not sure I'd say sloppy. Regardless, he is Jimmy f***ing Page and he is awesome.

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What amused me was the young girl in the audience holding her vinyl copy of Led Zep 3, or was it her Dad/Grandfathers?

Just goes to show good music never grows old.





Yeah, and the other young girl who said that Stairway was the best song - ever! That was 46 years ago!!! I saw a teenager a couple weeks ago wearing a Zeppelin T-shirt too. Very cool.

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