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Hello, forum! I just finished mixing a James Taylor (Carole King) song which blends both my Gibson SJ200 Golden Age and my Martin 000-28vs. The Gibson is taking on the lead guitar parts where the Martin plays the main fingerpicking part.


Of course, the real feature of this recording is my daughter Heather's beautiful soprano voice.


I hope you enjoy!


You've Got A Friend (MP3)

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Thanks so much everyone! I was thrilled with her vocal. She learned the song (never really knew it before) and recorded it in three takes within an hour. Amazing. It takes me a million takes and edits.


Closer to Christmas (after Thanksgiving) I'm going to post my re-recorded "I Believe in Father Christmas". I had Heather play the flute for the Prokofiev "Troika" breaks in the song. It came out very nicely.

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