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Desperados under the eaves -Warren Zevon cover


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Suits you that one

Lyrically brilliant as usual from zevon. The hotel still standing until he pays his bill is as great as it gets isn’t it. Funny and yet instantly conjuring up how he feels his luck goes


Good to see ya back home


Cheers mate!Yea I agree about the line you quoted..gallows humour at its finest.

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Thanks for having a listen all you good folk!

In Australia the word "vacation" is rarely used.We always "have a holiday" or "go on holiday".

I guess in the US "holiday" means a specific day/time period like Christmas.I'm not sure how other English speaking countries use "vacation" versus "holiday".

Anyway as a gesture of goodwill I'm granting all you feckers a public holiday this coming Monday.

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