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Epiphone Korina Flying V


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I've had my eye on these for a while but I can't seem to find one anywhere to play it. I have a couple of Gibson V's and I am interested in this guitar for the history aspect of the Flying V, just to have one. I don't want to pay the kind of money Gibson wants for theirs ($4000 and up), since I already have a couple of Gibson V's. How does this one sound and play? I don't mind paying up for a good guitar and I've played quite a few really nice Epiphones in the last few months but not this particular one.



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You're right as soon as Amos was announced the "standard" Epiphone morons V disappeared.


In Canada they still list both

The Amos is like $1300cdn. The Korina is 769cdn




Maybe you can import it.


Both guitars seem close in appointment to each other

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