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This guy had an ad in the Toronto Craigslist for a bunch of LP Customs, with the BS that they were copies made in the USA (funny) but did advertised them as a "copy of a Gibson" asking $875 for this chinese garbage.


A few hours later, he re-posted his ad, but he is no longer telling you that these are copies (he forgot to mention that), so this is now highly illegal. He says he has 12 of these guitars to sell to potential suckers.



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Looks like he's taken the selector switch ring out... (and what's that about "throwing in a vox 15 w amp"... maybe its a $45 solid state amp... ).

The headstock logo looks like pearl/plastic instead of the normal painted logo on studios... but those are bad pics, I am (most) probably wrong.

He has also installed straplocks... schaller (or those sold by other brands but made by schaller).


I dont think we can say a lot from those pics, but that studio looks ok-ish.

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