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Boveda pouch safe for Gibson nitro finishes?


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I have a J-45 and Humingbird and just started to used the Boveda systems (the actual Boveda ones not the re-branded D’Addario ones) in each (in sound hole and under neck in the case) for each and wanted to confirm that it is safe to have the edges of the pouches touch the nitro finish around the sound hole.


I’be tried to search everywhere and have not seen a definitive yes, or more importantly, any horror stories about a bad reaction with the pouch ruining the finish.


Am I safe to keep using these punches and system?




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Looks safe enough. Suppose you could put your polishing cloth around the headstock one if you had the cloth anyway.


So, let's see: ~$16/guitar for the holders. $6->7 for the four packs the holders take per guitar. But that should easily get you thru 3-4 months of winter without messing with humidifiers, and their power consumption (I run two or three humidifiers in the heating months). Could definitely save some trouble. But when you equip each guitar with the Boveda system, a small herd starts to get expensive. Will you be monitoring humidity with something like the Caliber IV Hygrometer?

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Yes i’ll Monitor. This is my first winter (and in the NE) with acoustics and I will do everything possible to make sure I don’t have 2 piles of expensive firewood. I bought a amprobe humidity gauge that I will calibrate the in case caliber 4s and another one that is in the basement where I keep and play the guitars. I run a basement humidifier and dehumidier too depending on the season and try my best to keep the area 45-50 at all times, but I travel a lot so when I am away i can’t bank on anybody keeping those units running so I want to have something in the cases at all times no matter what to help keep them safe. Right now my house humidity is about 34% and in the basement area with the guitars it’s at about 47%.


During the summer I just ran the dehumidifiers but also kept a boveda pouch under the headstock. Now the plan is to use the two pouches in each case year round. I don’t want to skimp in cost, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the guitars cost.

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