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AC/DC Malcom Young Dead at 64


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AC/DC is done. There are certain principals of bands that without - can never be the same. R.I.P. Malcom [sad]

He’s been out of the band for a couple of years, another Young, their nephew I think, is playing rhythm now.


RIP. Although I personally think he’s better off dead than “living” with dementia. I know I wouldn’t want to “live” that way.


The guy is arguably the greatest rhythm player in rock history. The sound he got, especially on their early records was just pure rock and roll.

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I don't think we'll see the likes of these bands again. It's all too commercialised and guitarists are mad on shredding.

Plus, the venues aren't there for them to grow and do their 10,000 hours.


It’s not too commercialized, it’s too fragmented and there’s not nearly as much money in records because of the internet. I’m sure there are a lot of good bands out there but since the record industry collapsed there’s no marketing machine or national radio for rock anymore so they don’t get heard.


Here one of our big local “rock” stations plays “classic rock” (which is the exact same music they’ve been playing since the 80s, I love Freebird, Brown Sugar and Dirty Deeds as much as the next guy but after hearing them for the 10,000th time it gets a bit stale. Their idea of “new” music is Foo Fighters.).


Our “Alt” rock station recently switched to ....I guess you’d call it alt pop, it’s still kind of “rock” but it’s mostly not guitar based. Then you have a bunch of garbage pop stations that play American Idol type crap or whatever the big record companies are pushing.


I don’t even listen to music on the radio any more, I just take my iPod or IPad with me.


There could be the next Rolling Stones out there and I’d never hear about it because there is no outlet for them. Touring is the only way bands can make money and get exposed but that keeps bands at a small level.

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