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help! strange guitar!...


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I have an epiphone guitar, and i would like to know something about it. This guitar has been in my hands for 5 years... now i'm planning to sell it or fix it, but i need to know first what kind of guitar is, if is worth or is just a bad guitar.


The strange about this guitar, is that it has a steinberger bridge... I leave yo some pictures... i hope that you can help me to find some information about the guitar.


model? the value? price? is it good? year?


(you can click in the pictures)















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I think I've figured out why we get a fair share of Epiphone questions here. It's because there is no direct forum titled Epiphone. You have to go to the Gibson other family of brands forum title and then wind your way down to the Epiphone section.




That plus we're all friggin' genious here and everybody knows it



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