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Recent Dickie Betts Interview


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I can't help but feel bad for Dickie Betts. The man is the only one who could have been in the position he was in when Duane died just as he and the Bros were getting really big. He took the bull by the horns and made great music with Gregg and the guys for a long long time. I din't know Gregg was such a reluctant front-man. Which makes my respect for Dickey even higher seeing that he basically led the Allman Brothers band for better part of 4 decades.


When someone asks me what Southern Rock is, or who my favorite rock guitar player is..I put "At the Fillmore" on and let it play.


There's a part of me that is glad the Allmans didn't really move into the Grateful Dead's spot as the hippie touring act. It preserves the Allman Bros from having t-shirts worn by 17 year old millenials with no idea about the band.


Gregg Allman was interviewed by a local paper on tour, and they asked him, "How do you feel about being the founder of the Jam Band movement?" Gregg said.."I don't know if we're a Jam-Band. I do know we are a band that jams!"

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I love the old coot. Since his brother passed he hasn't done anything, and it was sad to hear that he had been talking to Gregg somewhat in recent years and that something could have happened if Butch hadn't been so stupid.



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