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NGD: 2017 SG Standard HP


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It's here! FedEx arrived before I was even awake this morning. I can't remember them ever being here by 8:30am. I heard my crazy guard dog going ballistic and woke up knowing there must be a new shiny Gibson at my door. Unfortunately it is very cold here this morning so I am leaving it boxed to acclimate (almost makes you want to cry, doesn't it?).


In the meantime here are the pics from Sweetwater.


post-88665-063646600 1511533184_thumb.jpg


post-88665-063646600 1511533184_thumb.jpg


post-88665-006960600 1511533206_thumb.jpg


Why is one pic in here twice when I only see one attachment for it listed in my text? I have no idea or I would edit it out. Sorry!

post-88665-002629700 1511533168_thumb.jpg

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