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The Story of my Axe


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My Les Paul Special is aces. she's beautiful... shes everything i ever wanted in an instrument. i played electric all through my youth, punk rock etc... then in my mid 20s... i began to study classical guitar. I studied classical guitar every single day for 9 years... I played in competitions, played weddings, corporate galas, I made a good living at it. I still do make a good buck when asked to. However for a very long time, I wouldn't touch an electric unless I absolutely had to. I honestly thought I was done with amplification. for a long time I didn't even own an electric guitar.


Then at my stagehand job recently we installed a new house PA system. we tested out the new speakers. A music rental house supplied some marshall cabs, fender twins, ampeg cabs, and a Les Paul Standard. My boss who plays drums gets behind the kit and says "grab a guitar man we gotta test this new ****" we had a BALL!!! It felt so good to play a Les Paul again.. that was the most fun I ever had at work...


few days later I was in a vintage store in town. They 'woke the dragon' I tried every guitar in my price range. I saw one for 750. and put the money down on it. On my way out the door, I asked the proprietor if he'd let me play a Les Paul Special VOS TV Yellow. he handed it to me and I went into the amp room. It took less than 20 seconds to feel it. But man it was legit. The neck was HUGE, the sound was HUGE, the butterscotch hue, I dunno... it just 'felt' right. I couldn't afford it. Nevertheless, I worked every hour of overtime, took the bus to work, ate tuna, asked my old man for a loan... but I made it happen. the willingness to work so much overtime also made a good impression on my boss!! (win win)


anyhow... this guitar awoke a part of me that enjoys music so much. after such a long time of playing & studying serious music, leaving no room for error, and wanting to make other people's events sound good to their liking, a guitar that speaks to me, is truly like falling in love again. I'm happy that I didn't settle and went the extra mile and got what I really wanted because your guitar will outlive you.


Also, a guitar will only do what it is asked. So ask nicely. Regardless of make, model, the one that says "take me...." that's the one that will inspire you to play your best, and dig as deep into your creativity. Your guitar like your woman, elusive, inspiring, expensive, but there for you. I feel things when I play this guitar. When I look at her in the case, on the stand, hear what she says.. and its awesome.


that's my story, I'm sure you can relate. And find some similarities with your own stories. Be cool ya'll. & happy pickin.


and perhaps the goal was never to find one you can live with, but one you can't live without.

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Thats great man.


I recently got my very first guitar repaired after a crippling split in the top after a long period of playing electrics and bass exclusively. I guess you could say now that I'm rediscovering acoustics. And I am incredibly glad I did.


My next purchase (after a new bass amp head) will be a Seagull 12 string which will hopefully open up a new world of acoustic playing for me.

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