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Is your Dark Fire problem free?


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Have you had any problems with your Dark Fire? If so, has Gibson taken care of it? Are you satisfied with your Dark Fire, as well as any service or support you have received?


Have you had to wait for an exorbitant amount of time?


Please explain any specific problems you had/have with your Dark Fire.


If anyone wants me to add a choice to the poll, just add a post below.



**How do you un-cast your vote? I accidentally clicked completley f**ed up...

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i selected required RMA. Plugged the guitar up after the firmware update and the sound coming out of the amp was a mix between guitar vomit and baby poo. Completely distorted in tone and even volume faded in and out. Function 109'd it to get it back to factory, still same problem. Called up gibson and played a few strums over the phone and boxed it up, sent to nashville. Still in repair at gibson, took 7 days to get there so hopefully i'll see it in march sometime.

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:) I went thru 3 other Dark Fires before I decided to keep the fourth one I got my hands on to RMA it. There was a slight problem with the toggle switch, the notorious MCK clicking problem and the frets needed to be smoothed out on each side of the fretboard (either the neck had dried out slightly or the frets were never manicured in the first place).


I have to say - KUDOS to Gibson. It took about 5 days for them to recieve the DF - after receipt it took them about 6 days to repair it and then they were gracious enough to ship it back to me second day delivery - man was I surprised answering the door to FedEx yesterday - about 5 days earlier to what I expected!!


The DF works great - everything was repaired as requested - DF is in great shape.


I installed the RIP on my notebook, upgraded the firmware on the DF and it appears we have a guitar that works as advertised.


I am sure all your waiting will be worth it in the end




Gibson Dark Fire

Gibson LP Standard Plus Light Burst Cherry

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  • 10 months later...

I had trouble installed Guitar Rig 3 on my second PC spite files obtained by mail.

On guitar, it happened twice when of the sixth tuning mechanical locks and the motor rotates in a vacuum and then I must succeed in unlocking without broken ...

Sometimes even after pushing the MCK that remains a major blast that comes from the guitar. I do not kow why.

For the rest no problem all works perfectly.

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