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The Weeping Song ..


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No gig tonite so I had a crack at learning some new songs in my new converted lounge room .... stage.


Been getting a lot into Nick Cave recently after seeing him couple weeks ago in Prague mesmorise everyone.


Again through the trusty combo, J-150 through the AER and Play acoustic with a small hint of octave up chorus to give me a boost.


Hope you enjoy it, again just through the Iphone ...feedback always welcome.





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Thanks guys, it was just a second take and the lyrics were muffled .... because i had to read half of them!


Even though i know the song really well I still had to read the lyrics from the ipad in some cases, so thats where it was a bit wobly.


Its a bit of a trick as there is actually two vocalist in the song, Nick Cave and Blixa, his lead guitarist doing the low tones while NIck hits the higher notes.


Always enjoy taking songs and arranging them on an acoustic, just two chords in this one but lots of dynamics.


Nevertheless, here is the original .... with the lyrics in case you are curious.




And Sal, you shoulve have gotten that J-100.

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