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do you know about the es 347 pick up ?


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i was wondering if anyone has heard of something like this:

i have a late 70's es 347 and i play through a early 70's fender twin

any way, recently i started getting this weird intermittent kind of distortion sound

at first i thought it was the amp so i tried the guitar through another 70's twin.. same problem

well after some playing i realized it was not happening when i used the front pick up alone

so it's got to be something with that bridge pick up or the pots and the switch that follow

well... i had all the pots and the three way switch and the jack replaced and the problem still exists...

do you think that the pickup itself is doomed? have you ever heard of a problem like this?

intermittent white noise distortion (no volume increase really just fuzz in and out) ??

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