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Hello everyone, I was very happy to find out that this forum existed. Better late than never I guess.


I've owned a Les Paul standard since 2013 and this week I've made the move and ordered a 2016 SG standard from Long and McQuade. I am a little confused with the difference between SG standard and SG standard "T". Are they the same guitar? There is only one SG standard on the Gibson site but I've seen adds with both titles. The description seams to be the same, but I have some doubts. If they are different, did I order the right one? I welcome any comment on this. Thank you.


Now, I will catch up on all the cool posts from the past.

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Welcome to the forum, there are folks that can explain it here and that was brought up in the past. I just forgot exactly what they said. Getting old sometimes does that to you, ha ha. It seemed like the T was tradition or something but I could be wrong. I'm sure one will be along to explain.

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Just for comparison purposes:

The SG (if bought new, in 2013) will have the early '60's beveling and horn tapers, Classic '57 pickups slightly sloped

upper portion of the back, with no back beveling, on the small (bottom) horn (typical of '60's style), to the early '60's

style neck joint, and small pickguard. The headstock is standard size, and smaller, than the '61 SG ("Les Paul") Reissue.


The 2016 SG Standard "T" will have the standard beveling, no horn tapers, 490R & 498T pickups (or, the optional "soap bar" P-90's),

slightly extended neck joint, and the bigger "batwing" type pickguard. Standard sized headstock.

The HP version, has the '60's beveling and horn tapering, but a slightly different neck joint heal,

and, of course, the Robot tuners, and other HP (High Performance) amenities.






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