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My two acoustics - 1930 and 1920


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Hello to the Gibson Forum!


I'm new here, but have been quite active on the mandolin café and the acoustic guitar forum.


Sometime in 1985, I was in graduate school and met the retired preacher at the Presbyterian church we attended. He was in his upper 80s or so and his wife invited me to Sunday dinner in their home. I was new to Blacksburg, Virginia and they were just great folks. (As an aside, I was raised in the Presbyterian church and my then 66 YO father was in Princeton Theological Seminary to obtain his doctor of divinity for a second post-retirement career.)


So, this old preacher had a Gibson A3 mandolin in his attic and it was all gacked up from the heat and such. He sold it to me and I had a few folks I knew fix it up. Pre-Internet days, but I found folks. Love my A3! Play it to this day. A lot!


Somewhere in '87 or so, I was engaged and the wedding date was set. My to-be father-in-law had already retired and was having fun doing junk and trash reselling in Florida. When I learned that I asked him to bird-dog a Gibson F5 from the '20s. I let him know about Lloyd Loar, drew him a picture of the f-model shape and he returned to Florida.


Next visit he showed up with my Gibson guitar. (Again, pre-Internet.) Heck that little guitar looked like a student model. Weighing in at just under 3 pounds, it felt like a toy. It wasn't until 20 years later that I realized it as a 1930 L-1. I love my guitar too!


Here is one photo of my Gibson's. I've subsequently owned two other snakehead Gibson mandolins, but it's the A3 that survives.


My link



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