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OK problem fixed. goodbye photobucket hello Flickr.......


This is really rare. I've heard of them but this is the first one I've seen. I traded a Gretsch White Penguin for it but not sure I'm going to keep it. 1996 Country Gentleman "Chet Atkins" in mint condition. Plays sweet & easy but I don't like the 490/492 pups in it. I find them be shrill, thin with no character. If I keep it, any ideas for boutique pups? Looking for warm low output bluesy tone. Already have 57's in my ES335 and BB1&2 in my LP. So those are out of the picture.


I took these pics before I gave it a good polishing. Looks even better in person. Might sell or trade it. If anyone is interested, message me.



24864465528_f6e42bcd17_k.jpgcg13 by jenny jenny, on Flickr


24864465558_0e1b68b75b_k.jpgcg14 by jenny jenny, on Flickr


23872615467_cf6512a24d_k.jpgcg3 by jenny jenny, on Flickr


23872615487_540948e508_k.jpgcg1 by jenny jenny, on Flickr


23872615477_72df6b5c0b_k.jpgcg4 by jenny jenny, on Flickr

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