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I picked up an Epiphone Hummingbird Pro this month.


Two actually, the first one turned out to eat the batteries in the pick-up. I took it back and they gave me (G.C.) another new one.

This one doesn't seem to have the same taste for batteries. lol


This thing really plays well, setup well out of the box, has a great tone and sounds very good plugged in.

I have a few guitars, but had been looking for something I could use at holiday parties and not loose sleep over possible damage.


We play a few gigs over the Holidays, mostly family parties. We play a Nursing Home monthly and at Church often.


Everyone that has seen it comments on how great it looks.


I planned to only use it when I "had to". But after getting it I plan to use much more than that.


The pick-up really does a great job in the PA we have at Church. I also like that you can replace the batteries without taking the strings off.

I have a Martin that takes AA from the outside, but I also have a Seagull with a 9v inside.


At this point it sure seems like a keeper.

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I picked up an Ebony Hummingbird Pro this summer. I wanted something I could take to places I wouldn't take my Gibson. I am quite impressed with the feel, sound and playability of mine too, Congratulations on your acquisition. I hope it brings you years of enjoyment.

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Used it last night at Church to lead worship and for a special.


Couple of the folks said it was the best sounding guitar I had ever used. I have been playing there ten years.


I am liking it better than my Martin DX right now.



We stopped by Guitar Center this weekend while Christmas shopping.

I didn't plan to buy anything, I was just looking around while my wife shopped in another store near by.


Found an Epiphone Acoustic amp, two input for guitar and mic. It needed cleaned up, but it worked.

Its just a 15watt amp, but its plenty for most of the small gigs I do. It weighs nothing and will be much easier to haul around than what I have been using.

It cleaned up pretty good, has chorus built it. It has a little more hum than I would like, it has the 45 day satisfaction guarantee but was only $29.

It didn't sound too bad using the mic. I got a small Christmas party gig coming up next week, it may tag along. I normally don't use anything at this location, but this might be just the ticket.

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Still loving this guitar.


Plugged in it has the best sound of any guitar I have used.

I like the controls, they have been easy to adjust and needed very little fine tuning to get the tone I wanted.


So far I have used it at Church in our PA system, and in two acoustic amps I have.

Used the 15W amp I mentioned in the last post for a Christmas Party last week, the guitar sounded great.


The turning is effected a little more by temperature changes than I thought it would be. This is not a bad or unusual thing.

So far I just tune before I start and I'm good. I have not had any issue with it going out of tune while playing.


The guitar sounds really good when finger picked, I am just learning myself. But frets easy and rings out notes clearly.


The top is very tight and will take some time to open up. That again is not unexpected, all my current guitars are solid top and they all sound better the longer they are played. I expect the same from this instrument. I did drop to a thinner pick for some of the really heavy strumming I do.


I will try and update as time goes by. I plan to keep this guitar for a long time.

Its easy to like something when its new, I will try an give an impression after I've had it awhile.

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Last night it was really cold (below 10F) and bad out. We had our monthly nursing home gig.

It is just the setting I had in mind when I bought the bird. Bad weather, bitter cold just what I didn't want to take my "better" guitars out in.


We drove my two door jeep wrangler, the guitar had to sit in its hard case behind the rear seat, not a lot of heat back there.


They always have folks ready for us when we get there, so we start playing almost the minute I sit down.

I don't have much time for tuning. G sounded OK so I played the first song and then adjusted the tuning after that with the tuner, it needed very little.


We do an hour, with some jokes thrown in and lots of banter. Its the longest I have played the Hummingbird in one set and it held up fine. That first tune was all that it took, not bad in this weather.


The guitar sounded pretty good, I think the top is loosing-up a bit. Much of the harshness during heavy strumming is gone. In this location I play to a room of about two dozen or so, there is no amp and no mic. Last night I had my son on an acoustic beat box. And three ladies helping with the singing.


I did change strings to D'Addario EJ16's and changed the plastic bridge pins out for Graph Tech Tusq last week. Both seemed to help with the acoustic tone.


Literately, soon as I opened the case last night I started getting comments on what a beautiful guitar it is.

Old folks love bling. lol

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