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Black Dog

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So I was all ready to get a new Morgan MVP23 until I came across the Tweaker 15 watt head with 112 cab. After watching some demos and reviews, I thought it looked really interesting. Totally different animal than the Morgan, of course. It's not a hand wired boutique amp. It's mass produced in China. Much less expensive, but that's not why I chose it. I really liked all the features it has.


It has nice looks, vintage sort of vibe. Feel solid. It's fairly heavy for a small amp. It is dead silent at rest. No buzz or any other sounds. All of the knobs, switches, etc feel nice. Smooth and solid.


The cleans are very nice. And as the name implies, you can fine tune your tone with the several different mini toggles to get a variety of very beautiful clean sounds.


It is a single channel amp but one of the mini toggles takes the gain from "clean" to "hot". Also very nice tones on hot and again you can shape it using the mini toggles.


Overall, I think the clean gain setting is where it is best. You get the really nice clean tones and then with a boost pedal in front of the amp it acts like a 2 channel, clean with the boost off then crunch with the boost on.


It is also nicely sensitive to the guitars volume, tone and of course pickup selector as well as your right hand.


And here's one of the big one's for me. I wanted something that would retain tone at lower volume. That's why I was looking at amps with an attenuator. This amp does not have an attenuator but the master volume acts like one. You can dial in your tone, then back way off on the master, almost down to nothing and still have your tone. Which is good because it's a 15 watt amp so it can get fairly loud.


Lastly, it's cathode biased so swapping tubes is hassle free.


So far nothing not to like, really.

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