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How old are you?

Mr. Gibson

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58 years old.


In my head, I think, reason, write, and seek joy with the spirit of a 25 year old.


And when I am on an enduro bike (street trail motorcycle) or strapping on a guitar, I feel like I am 14 again.


But the minute I walk past a plate glass window or mirror, I cringe, and cry out, "Who is that old gray-haired bastard, and what has he done with my body??"



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I have just recently turned 69.


Strange thing age. Inside (mind) I feel much the same as I did when 15, 20, 35, etc. Outside - I mean the body - things are beginning to tell. The threat of arthritis is constant. The right wrist always hurts to an extent. Sometimes it is much worse than at other times. It is in the knees and my neck.


The untold years of smoking have had their price and I now have COPD and it is gradually getting worse. I'll never climb a mountain again that's for sure. Even cutting the grass with a self-propelled petrol lawn mower takes it out of me.


And the general weakness compared to the past. I was quite athletic when young. Not many could run faster and I was good at football and could bowl faster than most at cricket. I was a pretty strong guy too. Not now.


When you are young your mind "leads". When you get old your body gradually takes over the lead. It is that I find odd.

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My birth certificate says I'll be 71 on Christmas Eve. My body says, yeah, I agree. My mind says "oh no, you're still 30". Gotta love the mind. Trivia fact: I'm one day older than Jimmy Buffet, but I think he's done a bit better than me [laugh]


All that said, I lived through the birth of Rock n Roll, and wouldn't change any of that; it's just priceless

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