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Epi vs gibson


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I have been saving up a bit of money, by not enough for a used Gibson Les Paul standard. I found a used Gibson led paul studio in alpine white that I have been considering buying, but then I came across the epi Les Paul custom pro. My question is which guitar do you guys think is best to get? Their both about the same price. Also I have SD alnico 2 pro humbuckers that I would be putting in whichever guitar I get as well as upgrading the tuners. So besides the tuners and pickups, which should I get?

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LPP: sell the Ibanez?


I own a Epi LP PlusTop Pro, and a Gibson LP Tribute 2017. I can't say the Epi sounds worse, particularly as I love Slash's tone. On the other hand, it's nowhere near as versatile. I can go from Slash to Izzy to Malcolm via Keith and Ronnie by just nudging either pot.


What you need to take into acount is that, in my experience, Epi fretwire sucks. You'll end up spending as much on a re-fret as you did on the entire guitar.


Don't get me wrong - eventually I'll get my Epi re-fretted. Because everything else is that good.


But I'd get the Studio.

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