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Mr. Paul

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Whoa- didn't even notice the use of the fingerpicks; good control on the lighter playing intensity of the song. Are those standard wrap around picks, or "caps"?

A fine '46 J-45, too. . sounded vintage since the very first note.


No Sal, no flashing here; the media is really cracking down on that sort of thing.

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I like it Paul... And I admire your proficiency with fingerpicks. I keep trying them but am too clumsy. I suppose it just takes work.


By the way am I the only one who keeps seeing your youtube "flash" ?



You probably noticed they're alaska picks, they are different than usual steel finger picks.

They are not good out of the box though, need to follow a few steps to make them comfortable. I have a few, they are great but still cant compete with nails.


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