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Just when the wifes says no more spending :,(


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"Just when the wifes says no more spending :,("

Just ONE reason I'm not married! LOL. There are many others too...... msp_thumbup.gif


But I would think it's a good score! I, myself, would keep them both.


Of course that would make like 12 amps, 11 guitars, and a LOT of cabs and PA gear...............


And I'm buying more. Dammit, think I have a fever!


Doctor says only cure is MORE GEAR!


Plus........it goes with my handle.


Jam on my brother!

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one dandy deal for sure. Just tell her you didn't think it applied to musical equipment, and beg forgiveness. (which is always a more sure shot than asking permission)


That was my first response also....rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

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If she's said no more spending, that means no more spending. You might be able to flip the guitar and amp and make a little money. Or, you might sit on them for a year, not be able to sell them and have an unhappy wife.


What we do at my house is if I want another guitar, she doesn't care. It's my money. I've worked for decades to earn it. If bills and stuff are paid and we're not behind on anything, she doesn't really care. She teases that I have to wait 6 months before "adopting another baby" (bringing home another guitar). But, if I had a good deal, she wouldn't really care. I also try to get her something of equal or greater value if I do plan on buying something.


But, if she was serious about no more spending because we were in the hole or something, I'd have to listen to her and try to make her happy. We always discuss purchases over $200.00, just to make sure that there's nothing else that needs to be taken care of first.


All that being said, it seems like a fair deal at $800.00. I'd be tempted, just because of the amp. I've been looking at one of those. If you can flip it in a few days time and have a buyer lined up, you might be able to make that work. Good luck!

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"You should get the guitar you want, not the one that is a deal today."


That's why I've been married to my HIGH school sweetheart for 37+ years.



What a great wife!

Now I think,I'm lucky in this regard as well:

Not to long ago my wife made a list/note for what to do

with our next tax return. It read like this:


* Repair garage door

* New toilet

** 1 Gretsch guitar


Now isn't that something.

I already have a Gretsch Chet Atkins, but she really likes

the new G5422TG in snowflake white which seems to be the poor man's White Falcon.

And I agree.

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