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DJC.4 & Mac OSX High Sierra Update

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What is the status of the DJC.4 sound card being compliant with OSX 10.13 High Sierra? Is there a firmware update available?


My Symptoms:

- DJC 4 DOES appear as a device in OSX Audio MIDI Setup app (in MIDI Studio)

- DJC 4 DOES appear as a device in the USB tree for both USB 2 and USB 3 ports

- BUT>>> DJC 4 does NOT appear in devices setup on any previously working DJ apps including Virtual DJ 8, Traktor 2, Serato DJ


- HOWEVER… The various software does detect the DJC.4 when plugged in and there is some dynamic control between the laptop and the controller. But there is no way to select the DJC.4 as an sound output nor input device. Thereby no headphone preview.


- changing USB cables does NOT change the symptoms

- Resetting PRAM has no effect

- Reinstalling software does not change the problem

- Uninstalling the following plug-ins and extensions does NOT change the symptoms


-Audio Capture Engine


-AIC Device (disabled)




Stanton DJC.4

MacBook Pro i7 (Retina mid 2012)

OSX High Sierra 10.13.4

8 Gigs RAM


Virtual DJ LE

Virtual DJ 8

Traktor 2

Serato DJ

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At the moment we are testing the DJC.4 with Mac OSX High Sierra. The update is not recommended until testing is complete.


More details to come.





THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! I am very happy that you guys keep working on it. Good luck with the testing.

I am more than willing to help you out, in case you need a test on older macbooks

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Quisiera saber si al día de hoy, junio 2020, hay forma de actualizar mi stanton djc.4 firmware drivers etc, y eh leído la forma de resetear de fabrica manteniendo dos botones al encender dicho controlador, pero nunca pude lograrlo, aguardo su respuesta y muchas gracias!

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