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ignorance is bliss... or at least cheaper

uncle fester

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Not sure ignorance is bliss, but it sure is a whole lot less expensive.


I started out not knowing much about nice guitars beyond i need a cutaway - i'd like something nice, and had about $3k to spend. I found a h-bird pro at GC for $2200, was happy and should of just bought it and stopped there - but i had to do research. Now i'm at needing 2 guitars, and trips to Nashville and Austin to find one of them... thinking anywhere from $5 - $8k will get me there.


Current wish list:

*Cutway - hbird pro, or songwriter... for function (very nice function)

*non cutaway - J45, or Hummingbird... for function and knowledge i've got a classic


So - Only started looking for a cutaway - Never expected to want to trade in my current dread... probably should have stopped with the H bird pro i tried at GC and never done any looking. But i did, the knowledge is here, can't unring that bell - so i guess the task i've been dealt is to find the two above. man it's tough.

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clarification, unfortunately the $7 - 8k is not in my pocket...yet, but just thinking where the target has to be to sate my guitar needs.


PS - had seen that one on ebay as well, nothing wrong with your selection process!

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