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Hendrix at the Royal Albert Hall AND New Album


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Loads of cool stuff in this footage including Room full of Mirrors which im not sure ive heard him do live before, a flute solo, bongos and that footage of him playing acoustic at the end... Its not quite all there but most of it is.. I think they are preparing to release it officially on DVD..





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And I just found out about this





'Both Sides Of The Sky' is out in March



A posthumous Jimi Hendrix album has been announced, featuring 10 previously unreleased recordings.


Both Sides Of The Sky will be released on March 9 via Sony Legacy, and features a recording of Joni Mitchells Woodstock, alongside collaborations with Stephen Stills, Lonnie Youngblood, Jonny Winter, and Billy Cox and Buddy Miles from Hendrixs Band of Gypsys lineup.



The release is the final part of a trilogy of archival releases for Hendrix, following 2013s People, Hell and Angels and 2010s Valleys of Neptune.


1. Mannish Boy

2. Lover Man

3. Hear My Train a Comin

4. Stepping Stone

5. $20 Fine

6. Power of Soul

7. Jungle

8. Things I Used to Do

9. Georgia Blues

10. Sweet Angel

11. Woodstock

12. Send My Love to Linda

13. Cherokee Mist



Last year, Jimi Hendrix‘s younger brother Leon Hendrix opened up about their family life and the inspirations which led to Jimi’s music career.


Leon Hendrix’s book ‘Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story’ was published in 2012. He also plays in the Leon Hendrix Band, who have released two albums.


Speaking to The Guardian, Leon says that Jimi “looked after” him, explaining that he “never missed a meal”. He continued, “he looked out for me like an elder-brother-father; he made me what you English call ‘tea’ and made sure I was okay. And sometimes, we used to sneak off to Mom’s for dinner.”


Leon says the music simply came from inspiration, explaining, “as in ‘spirit’, as in ‘in-spirit-ation’. It’s in the wind. I was there when Jimi was a boy, and he’d play with a broom, his first guitar. And Pa would come home and see the straw and **** from the broom on the floor, because Jimi’d been doing acrobatics with his his broom-guitar, and Jimi’d get a whuppin’.”

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