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New Amp pics and details...


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Sorry for the sh*tty pics they are from my cell phone.... In side the head are:


Three GT12AX7 pre amp tubes...

Two GTEL84 power tubes...

Two GT6V6 power tubes...


Adjustable 1 to 20 Watts and a tube mix control to select one or the other or combination of the power tubes. The amp sounded great in the music store. I can't wait to get it home. How often do you wish vacation was over early????




Notice the cool gig bag for the head...



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I don't know if i'd like the sound of this amp having never tried one (although I'm sure I would) but I love the idea of mixing the tubes and the having wattage choices. Ingenious. Let us know how she sounds when you get a chance.


To get her up to the 20 watt level do you have to have the tube mix in the middle or does it have to be full on tube one side or the other or is it independant of all that?

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Congratulations Dave' date=' how does it sound? is it as tweakable as advertised?[/quote']


Hey Thunder... Man it sounds great, I'm not a good guitar player (yet) so I was playing at a low volume at the store as not to embarrass myself. There were all these shredder type around showing off. The tone was killer at even at the lowest volume setting I could get it to play.... So I'm sure when its cranked it will rock.... I'll let you know in a couple weeks when I get it in my studio...

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