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Hello Everyone!

I got a Chet Atkins from 1990 in excellent condition except the Pickup! Part of it is broken but it still works perfect!

It is hard to get a new original Pickup, so I decided to fix it.

I am working on a piece of Plastic to fill that whole up, still not finished. :rolleyes:

When I took off the Strings and lifted up the Pickup, I found three pieces of underlayments. For my taste the Strings were way to high.

My questions is, what is actually original or, what would be moreless the best to get the Pickup in the right Position?


Thanks for any Support!








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Trial and error.


Try it with one shim then 2.

Bet you the guitar will buzz on some frets.


As for the pickup, do only what you absolutely have to. Looks like the end cap has gone.

Your repair in pic 2 looks fine.

If it is working 100%, the old adage "it's not broke so don't fix it" applies - IMO.


You could also try posting in the acoustic section.


Good luck.

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