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hello all...2010 les paul black waters?


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yes only 200 made and very rare

but i am seriously considering one..i have one on the line for 2500


ive done so much research i have read the awesome comments on them and the terrible..and even the guy on you tubr does not give her a glowing review


im not used to the 50s necks that much but i can get used to it after awhile im sure,,im a 60s neck guy


does anyone own one?..do you recommend? and in case you havent read my follow up pip thanks for the links..

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Oh, it is one of those Nickleback guy guitars...

Is that of even the slightest relevance if we are considering the guitar as an instrument?


...if the pups suck put something else in...

The neck and bridge p'ups are the regular 490 / 498 combo that has been used in Christ-alone-knows-how-many Les Pauls, SG's and Goodness only knows what else since their introduction some 30 years ago. The p'ups are, clearly, not going to be a problem. Really.


...2.5k. I would not pay that...

$2.5k (Can.) in the UK would currently buy you a mediocre half-assed 10-y-o 1960 Classic.

I like 1960 Classics - I have a pair - but if the OP can get a higher-spec'd limited edition Standard with tricked-out tone circuitry for the same outlay then, IMO, it's a no-brainer.



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hi guys


well great news...shes here.lol..i will have a camera tomorrow to share the shots


so first off she is just flawless..and has her original case and candy thats important

as for playability..when i was in winnipeg i tried a great neck ..it was on a standard and it was a 60s neck..never tried a 60s neck they were always 50s


i was mindful of this one..because she is a signature guitar..and due to some oersonal reason people hate chad k...i know now its because of fans perception of the guy that he has a crappy attitude ..in langley bc i went o his favourite bar back in 2015,,and yes others were saying that they dont like him because of his attitude about his fans but thats just the way THEY see it..yes ok fans make a groups successful too but man..what are artists supposed to be every fans best friend? nooo thats dumb


ive always thought that nickleback was an awesome canadian band and a great band in general really


but this being said..she has the same great neck feel,,a cool blend of piezo and even the neck is tilted back 17 degrees more ive read,,making out of tunes harder


i talked to a moderator from reverb..ok yes theres only 200 made,,limited run very,,but he mentioned that if i wanted to sell her then a good starting price would be 3450..but as you said fz..yes i paid exactly 2500...but thats 2500 canadian though not american so im guessing 2000 usd?



hey pip yes they are 490 and 498..they just flame my plan was to gt my hands on the signature T i talked about..but yes,,im thinking that if ever i want to sell which i doubt i will but if i do i know i can make a profit..the signature t resale hopes are very low im certain guys,,and this is a very very unique guitar...limted run of 200..i guess because the market failed and gibson said ,,nahhhh lol..but evn these im thinking holds significant historical value...but this is all best guess

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