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I,m back


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Hello fellow guitar nuts. My Wife asks , how many more guitars do you need Paul? (Reply) 1 MORE! Doesn't go over very well, but I thought it was clever.

Back again folks, this past year has been trying, have had a few health issues and have not had the energy or desire to even get on the computer. Things are turning about, and moving in the right direction. Just need to get my energy level back up, but in due time.

Missed all you folks, and the comaraderie. Play a little the past month, getting back into it , and have I missed my babies. Well hope you all have been well and I wish you a Merry Christmas. I will pop in and out a bit now and again, just to bug you folks.

Let me know how you all have been.

Missd Ya,


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Welcome back. I know the feeling. In the last year, I've had knee, back and shoulder surgeries and a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis to go along with the osteoarthritis in most of my joints. I'm finally back to where I can play, just not as much as I like. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

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Nice to see you back here, Pappy.

Keep on Pickin!


There is a thread here in the lounge asking after folks' age.

There are a great many forumites in their 50's. There are also a great many forumites with health issues. I wonder if there's a correlation?...


...Let me know how you all have been...

Well, since you asked...


My main health problem at the moment (ongoing since May 1st.) has been severely restricted movement in my ring finger on my fretting hand (tendon-related) and, as a direct result of that restriction, I have subsequently developed quite bad 'trigger finger' on its neighbouring little finger. Treatment is having little effect. Next transcutaneous cortisone injection (directly into the node on the tendon) is scheduled for first week in Jan. but if that doesn't work it will come down to surgery. Not looking forward to that possibility.


I can still sort-of play guitar but not with anything like the same other-worldly dexterity as I had beforehand..........eusa_liar.gif.........


I've actually been warned-off playing too much guitar - or for too long at a time - by my Physio as this will exacerbate the problems until they have cleared-up totally.




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Pippy: damn. Get well soon


Having some arm trouble myself atm. Heeding early warning signs, going stir-crazy from not playing. For, like, a few days now (oh, boo-hoo, right?). Should have been a week, but I relapsed a bit.


Hope you get better soon!

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Hi Pappy.


Pip, I had a shot into my left index finger and it was fantastic for a month, so I went back for another (sometimes takes a couple to bed down the issue) and it did absolutely nothing. Seems very little blood goes to fingers and it's very hard to get the exact right spot for the shot. Odd thing was the first guy made a mark on my finger with a pen and just had a stab at it, whereas the second had the ultrasound on so could see what he was doing and missed....the first guy was a big $$$ city surgeon though (not to me mind you). Good luck with it. I haven't bothered to go back as its settled down a bit and I'd probably be on my last allowable, shot so I'll keep my powder dry for now.

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Guest Farnsbarns

Hi Pappy,


Nice to see you back. I saw you pop up in a couple of threads.


Also good to hear you're doing better.


Since you asked how we all are,I've had an interesting time.


I've been suffering with gallbladder pancreatitis for a few years, undiagnosed, but it got really had in the last 12 months. Rushed to hospital a number of times in ambulances and so on. I've now had my gallbladder removed and that's made a huge difference but it seems I also have Crohn's disease, or at least that's the current hypothesis. The pancreatitis was certainly causing the most acute symptoms so that's done with and I'm just having tests for the longer term condition.

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Hey Pappy, missed you too mate!


Glad you’re on the improve too, keep it up!


I think many of us here have a few problems but I reckon as long as you’re upright you’re ahead of the game.


Tell your lady that Digger thinks you deserve “just one more”


Merry Christmas to you both.

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