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Bob Roth

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Just saying Hi and nice to meet you all. My name is Bob Roth. I live in Westchester Co. NY and Marco Island FL. I'm 64 years old, having retired in July 2016 after working 42 years as a professional engineer (civil). I've been playing guitar about 50 years, abeit there was a long lapse when I would only play once or twice a year just to strum and tune up my 1969 Martin D-18. As a teenager I owned a 1965 blue Fender Mustang that my folks bought me, followed by buying myself a 1967 or '68 Sunburst ES-335, which I sold in 1971 to a kid in HS for a used 1969 Martin from my guitar teacher. I wanted to play more like Doc Watson and Clarence White than Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, although I loved them too. I still cringe when I wonder what happened to the Mustang and 335, like I imagine many of you do about your first loves.

I started playing daily again about 4 years ago and never looked back. Kinda like riding a bike...just a lot more wobbly this time around the block. And having had a successful career as managing partner and president of a 50 person engineering firm, and no more bills or mortgage payments for me and my wife having a grown daughter out on her own, I get to buy some pretty nice stuff. Three Martins(D-18, DC-28 Aura, D-42) two Fenders electrics (Squire Strat and Prof. Tele), three Epi's, Sunburst Rickenebacker 360-12, Orange Gretsch 6120, Takamine and of course my Gibsons. I have a 1968 B-45N-12 string, a Sunburst 1993 Hummingbird, and a new Caribbean Blue Les Paul Studio, Natural/Cherry Doves in Flight and a super cool J-200 Vine in Translucent Red, between NY and Florida. And all the thinking as an engineer all those years got me thinking about music theory this time around, to the point where the more you know about music theory the more you realize how little you know about music theory. It's given me a much more appreciative understanding of the musical geniuses from long ago and the present.

So, I don't mean to seem spoiled and obnoxious by bragging, it's just that geeze, if I can't brag to you all who might appreciate this stuff then who can I brag to? Thanks for the ramble. It felt good. Catch ya around someday, I hope. And be well.

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