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Help identify Epi LP Korea


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Hi guys. I never had any 24.75" instruments before as I mainly play strat-style instruments and an acoustic, so when I saw this Epi going for $200 with a hardshell case, I decided to try it out.


So, I know this is a Korean Epiphone Les Paul model with a Gibson name on a truss rod cover. Grover tuners, no coil split. The serial number (U04031966) translates into 2004, Unsung plant. The Gibson support asked me for photos, but could not assist further yet.

Therefore I wonder if you guys could help me out to identify the exact model and possibly what pickups and neck profile is it (it feels just a tad fatter than modern C shape on my Yamahas)?

I have a very poor guitar selection in local shops so I could not compare the guitar against other Epiphones.


post-89049-004070200 1513271667_thumb.jpgpost-89049-063106500 1513271672_thumb.jpgpost-89049-074726100 1513271678_thumb.jpg

post-89049-072987400 1513271591_thumb.jpgpost-89049-027200600 1513271599_thumb.jpgpost-89049-096687300 1513271607_thumb.jpg



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Okay, Let me get my Epiphone decoder ring........



U- Unsung (Korea)

04- 2004

03- March

1966 production number.


In those years, the pick ups could have been made there or and been made at Gibson for them.

Lifting one one to get the number off the back or reading what it says, will still leave you guessing.


From what I have seen, the biggest issue with these years were poor quality pots and switch's.

The first upgrade I would do is to swap them out, leaving the stock pick up in and give them a tryout.

Once you get them up to snuff, the pick up maybe ones you find that you like.

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