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Did you smear Vaseline all over the lens of your camera? [flapper]


LOL: :) :( yes , it does quite look like that :( . lol , But , would you believe I used a web cam to produce that photo ? A. Logitech web cam HD Pro C910 with "auto focus" . Maybe I didn't wait long enough for the thing to "auto focus" lol , I did wait 15 or so seconds msp_unsure.gif . Let me blame it on "bad lighting" , yes , ...it was bad lighting that made the picture that way msp_mellow.gifmsp_lol.gif...lol :( Hey check this twiddle out . What a great thing this particular guitar is . Me not so greateusa_doh.gif ...the guitar...well , yes , it is great msp_thumbup.gif..yes it is :)





I turned the computers volume down , and ran a ZZ Top style backing track in the key of "A" , and fudged around a bit msp_mellow.gif . Just a little hand exercise , on a cold afternoon . What a most fun.guitar this thing is :) ..yes , fun is a very good description of this particular guitar , because it actually is , fun, to me


twiddle :)

peace :) :

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