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I have taken notice of the China made Tak Matsumoto DC plus top model. I need to find out how they play (action-wise). Also the Burstbucker pup opinions. I own an Epi 60's Tribute Plus and I am surprisingly happy with the play-ability and the '57's are fine pups. Will the Matsumoto be about the same? (or better?) play-ability-wise? I have heard good and bad things about Burstbuckers. I have never plugged them in before. The cost of the 'Tak' looks about $700 used. I do have a little more money saved,(not much), but I could spring for a used Epi Elitist Les Paul. I think I could find one for a grand or a little more. Would the Elitist Paul simply be the best bet? Thanks for any opinions & experience.

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