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I have taken notice of the China made Tak Matsumoto DC plus top model. I need to find out how they play (action-wise). Also the Burstbucker pup opinions. I own an Epi 60's Tribute Plus and I am surprisingly happy with the play-ability and the '57's are fine pups. Will the Matsumoto be about the same? (or better?) play-ability-wise? I have heard good and bad things about Burstbuckers. I have never plugged them in before. The cost of the 'Tak' looks about $700 used. I do have a little more money saved,(not much), but I could spring for a used Epi Elitist Les Paul. I think I could find one for a grand or a little more. Would the Elitist Paul simply be the best bet? Thanks for any opinions & experience.

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Congratulations on the quadruple post, I have never seen that done before!


I personally am fond of the Tak guitars because they are different. I would not pay a $1000 for an Elitist Les Paul, I would instead pay that for a Gibson Les Paul, if I were to go that route. I have seen Elitists go for substantially less on Craigslist out here in Pennsylvania, typically in the $500 - $600 range.

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Thanks. That quad entry was obviously an error on my part! I appreciate what you've said regarding the Elitist & their prices. I have been researching many MIJ brands lately. I've never seen so many fine guitars. The prices are like way less for super good quality LP and Strat type guitars. I have targeted one or two. Still, that Motsumoto is really a style that I like a lot. I know that I will wind up with one and be happy that I did.

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