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SG vs LP in concert :)


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people spend too much time imagining and thinking about things which don't exist or if not, they imagine what it could be in their mind

just with some sentences from somebody else

so, it happens totally wrong assessments or speeches


Have you really read " this is a comparison " ? lol nowhere so, this is not a comparison at all


Of course these guitars have not the same pickups neither the same amps and 2 different styles

cos they don't play the same way

so it's not sg vs lp to compare 2 guitars

it's just a cool tribute in music with 2 great guitarists playing the music which was their inspiration = rock n roll and blues

Cream, Clapton Hendrix, Led Zep and others rolling stones and Santana


This is not a shootout or some guitars gears reviews from not famous people in youtube like it has been done 10000 times

it's a band with very famous people and the bassist and the drummer are famous because they played a lot of sessions studios for more than 30 years

the lead guitarists are very famous not specially in the USA but in France and they played rock n roll for more than 40years


you had very little chances to have the same guitars with the same amps in concert

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