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A new song by a good friend


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Hello.. I don't hang around here much.. I have been in a band and stuff when I was younger but don't really play as much as id like to any more so don't really have much too post music wise... But my very good friend and drummer from mentioned band has been getting a demo together...


Hes a great drummer but plays many instruments and produced it all by himself.. This has been quite a journey hes been on recently and ive been there watching the whole way.. We have been doing open mic nights since about June this year and more recently hes playing much bigger gigs (he does this song acoustically which I can post if anyone is interested)..


So I hope you guys don't mind but I think its great and he should be really proud of this and im trying to share it around a bit and I hope you guys like it too... You can hear it here




If you like it please go and give him thumbs up or something on his facebook page.. I know hed appreciate and so would I :)







Cheers :)

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