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Things I love and hate on guitar web forums


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I'm sure this has been done before, but I feel the need to dust off the subject of what we like and dislike when it comes to being a guitar web forum member.



1. I love to share thoughts and war stories with people who share my passion for playing guitar, owning guitars, and compulsively collecting more guitars.


2. I love that most of you are old guys like myself. There's a comfort in knowing that the majority of you here on the Gibson boards are geezers like myself.


3. Similarly, I love that there are younger guys and girls on here too, and that we get the opportunity to pass-on advice and share life's experiences.


4. I love that I learn something new every day. It's usually a small tidbit of technical advice, or sometimes it will be a 'blinding flash of the obvious' spiritual or philosophical thing, but I love that we can acknowledge that we are all learning and growing as guitar players.


5. I love it that so many of you are willing to share your home recordings, warts and all. There's an honesty in that, and it's refreshing on the internet. (Compared to the posing, posturing, and over-the-top swagger found elsewhere, particularly on social media sites.)




* I hate the expression 'pups'.

I have been playing and performing live for many decades, and I have never once met a guitar player or bass player who called pickups 'pups', ever.

They are pickups. Just call them pickups.


* I hate it when people get into angry exchanges over brand snobbery.

Hey, we are all attracted to what we are attracted to.

THere's no use arguing over Epiphones versus Gibsons, or Squiers versus Fenders.

You never hear two men duking it out on the street, arguing over which is better, blonde women or brunette gals, do you?

Just love what you love, eat your cherished chocolate ice cream, and respect that other people prefer vanilla or rocky road ice cream.


* I hate when people leave objects attached to the headstock of their instrument.

Clip-on tuners, capos, whatever;

It just sort of distracts the eye, sullies the beauty of the guitar, and displays a casual disrespect to the original craftsman who originally made that guitar.

Tune the guitar, and then set the tuner aside.

Play that song with the capo at the 3rd fret, and then when the song is over, un-clip it and set the capo aside.

That's my aesthetic advice.


* Though I love it when everyone posts photos of their guitars, I hate it when they don't set the stage for a really nice photo.

Nobody wants to see your dirty laundry, un-vaccuumed shag carpet, or piles of old boxes and junk in the background.

We just want to see the beautiful, shiny, awesome guitar.

(Preferably without a clip-on tuner or capo on the headstock. Just sayin'......)


* I hate to read postings wherein a fellow finally purchases his dream guitar or long-sought-after-guitar model, and then begins to describe how he's going to immediately gut it and replace the pickups, the nut, the bridge, and kitchen sink, all in pursuit of some mythological perfect tone.

My advice?

Take the time to play and explore many, many guitars, and then (and only then) buy the one that sounds and feels perfect.

One that doesn't need modifying.

And then enjoy it and play the heck out of it, bone-stock.


Okay, I'm gonna shut up now.

[glare][crying] :unsure:



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It's my opinion that this forum is the most down to Earth one I've found. I guess that's why I'm still around. I had participated in forums over the years that focused on one particular brand and it was always like a 70s-80s tv sitcom. There were predictable 'roles' within the membership, a certain 'rank' to be achieved (think of how you might feel as a 'newbie' on a new forum, almost apologizing for your posts), there's always a fight to be picked somewhere, and WHY I do not know. There's always a know it all (genuine or posed) who has seen it all, done it all, and is quick to point that out.


Interesting though.... people have said this forum has gone quiet. Maybe so, but it seems that some of those negative stereotypes have moved on. "Took their toys and went home" as the saying goes.


I used to participate in forums dealing primarily with guitars formerly made in Brooklyn, now Japan (and China I suppose). Ditto for a company that made guitars with round synthetic backs. Both forums made me want to apologize for breathing and taking up the same sunshine as them. Bye.


Lately I have playing a guitar made in Pennsylvania with some kind of fish skeleton trim all around the edge. Smells really nice. The company has been around a long time. Songs like "Salty Dog" seem to come natural on this guitar. I've also recently acquired a second example of a strange guitar made in Huntington Beach in the 70s with what looks like a big hubcap right in the center of it. Strange. This one is played like a regular guitar. My other example likes to lay flat on my lap.


You could not pay me $1000 to join a forum about either one of them.

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Well said Gentlemen.

I don't comment much anymore but try to check in a couple times a week to play catch up and see who's been buying what. This was really the first forum I joined when I bought my very first Gibson. Although much more subdued now it'll always be home.

I'm thankful for the wealth of knowledge the members have here and still enjoy the music discussions.

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I am just about mostly with ya..


So about pups vs pickups, guilty! I just to use the abbreviation for a short cut, like typing pickups is difficult.. :)


your comment about Photos.. I kind of agree with you. I have been somewhat of a part time photographer / enthusiast for many years. I wish I had more time to spend these days on it, but you have to pick your hobbies vs available time. However when I post a photo, it's taken with a DSLR, I take the best ones of the lot and post those. Crappy cell phone cameras where the results look like Vaseline was smeared over the lens, (most often due to poor lighting and the phone's camera selected too slow of a shutter speed) do nothing for the visuals.. and yes,, let us please pay attention to the "Background" elements of the photo...


Same sort of with performance clips recorded with smart phones. The results are the same, it may have sounded great at the venue live, but the cell phone video makes it sound like a cacophony of noise. "Please don't share that anywhere"



about the stuff on the head stock,, I have always, just by habit I think removed the capo and set it aside. The tuners, different story, I usually use the planet waves NS Tuners, they're about the size of a quarter, and sit behind the headstock. They are actually barely visible until you're looking at the headstock from a players position. all one can see is the small little front of the clip.


and KS is right, I've said it a trillion times, this is one of the better forums you can find.

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What I like about this forum is that there's always someone willing to help with whatever query you have. Whilst I regularly use tdpri or the gear page for information already posted, it's only this forum that I interact with posts and actually have an account rather than lurking

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So I agree with you across the board but I am a photo offender. I never leave anything attached to a guitar because I don’t want to impact the finish. I do appreciate this forum versus others as in general everyone plays nicely with each other and interesting discussions happen.

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On the up side of a guitar forum, I like the folks that contribute to the forum. On the down side, if you play a bass, and not playing a 6 stringer, you're in the basement, in the dark, and in the corner. 6 Stringers are it, 4 strings are Shizzzt.

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Well, the OP asked that we share things we Love and Hate on guitar forums. I would say I don't feel anything that strong either way. I like many things here on Gibson Forums, and a few things annoy me but nothing rises to the level of Hate.




1. The knowledge and helpful tips I learn from so many smart people.

2. All the guitar porn, I can live vicariously through other peoples collections.

3. Hearing peoples stories of playing their instruments outside their own homes. Bar gigs, festivals, parties and jam sessions. And photos/vids too.



1. When someone expresses their opinion as fact. I guess that's one of my pet peeves. I'm sure I've done it myself at one time or another. But I know when you're on the reading end of it, it sounds much better as "I've never been a fan of (insert artist) and find their music to be boring" than " (artist) sucks and they have no talent".

2. I can't think of anything else. rolleyes.gif


Edit: Oh and Spark, I think "pups" is mostly a short-hand way to write "pickups". I have personally never heard anyone actually pronounce them that way. At least that I can remember. eusa_think.gif

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I like the guitar porn and keeping up on what weird stuff Gibson is doing at the moment.

Some of the models look really good, others make me wonder if they haven't lost their direction and are just throwing everything up against the wall to see what sticks.

I like the membership, everyone usually has something interesting to say.



I dislike the recent changes to the forum, especially what they did to the Gibson USA section.

It makes me wonder if they're not looking for an excuse to shut the forum down due to lack of interest.

I also dislike the guitar porn as it makes me start poking around looking at guitars for sale and retirement is coming up fast and the move won't be cheap.



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I maintain that the best thing about these forums for a guy like me is that I get the perspective of several 'geezers' who I learn from. Guys that make the mistakes for me and talk about it. Guys (maybe ladies too, not sure) who can point me down the right path.


Yesterday Rabs sent me links to some 335 Studios that are in my price range. Today, if all goes well, it will be a NGD. (I just cant buy a guitar sight unseen through the mail) I have 2 to look at today at one store and two more stores who show they have one in stock.


These are the kinds of things I pick up on. I am not one of the fellas on the forum who is a collector. I'm down to 5 guitars and one of those is a 5 string ESP bass. But I have the tonal quality in need in those 5 short of a semi hollow. Thanks to Rabs, I will be scratching that itch.


Those are all good things. The negatives are irrelevent seeing as it's a e-forum. I can simply ignore anyone who is trying to dig at me.

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[smile] I enjoy your imaginative posts Sparquelito.


:( I dislike inscrutable thread titles with bland content.





I dont like cigarettes in headstocks. Not because of the look, but because it just seems spurious. I dont like guitars that dangle down to the knees for the same reason. Unless the player can tie his shoes without bending down, it just looks contrived.

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I feel like I might have to take a pic of the guitar with the newest pups in it with a tuner clipped to the head stock and dirty laundry in the pic! [lol]

And change your name to surfpickup.


I am going to shoot some amateur guitar porn over the next few days.


B) B) B)

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I too voted for RTC as an associate to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.... Oops wrong topic.




I like this forum a lot too,


Anyway another geezer here, I am totally amazed at how much I have learned about guitars and playing the guitar on this forum


Most posters are teachers in a way sharing information about guitars and the culture that goes along with playing one.


If I am selling a guitar all pictures are as pristine as possible usually 50/50 inside and outside I like trees and grass for shots. Vine covered walls etc.


As far as tuners are concerned sometimes they are attached and sometimes not. All depends. I think living room and campfire gigs it's ok.


Rarely even use a capo.


I am guilty of posting a picture of me in my pajamas playing my Strat for a collaboration. Messy living room too, 2011.


Keep on Jamming B)








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Guest Farnsbarns

And change your name to surfpickup.


I am going to shoot some amateur guitar porn over the next few days.


B) B) B)


Surfpickup. That's just brilliant. I'm going to start a change.org petition to get surfpup to change his username to surfpickup.

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