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Epiphone G400 Maestro Vibrola Limited


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Ciao all,

I'm Ettore from Italy and own an Epiphone G400 Maestro. It's black and gold but recently I felt in love with Pelham Blue color.

I found a used G400 but it's different from the one I own.


Here is mine:





This is the pelham blue:





this is from the epiphone site



if you look mine has no les paul custom signs, it just has the SG sign.

the epiphone site reports(or reported) the les paul custom sign.


So what "version" version is mine?


In any casem the pelham blue painting looks thinner than mine.


Can you help me find out why? the pelham blue is used and the owner wants 450€(529$), he replaced the selector, so it's not 100% original. Does it worth the money?


thank you and please excuse my poor english :)



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I would say what you have is a Limited Edition Epiphone G-400 Custom Shop with Vibrola ('65 RI).

What does it say on the backside of the headstock/neck?

The one one the epi site is an SG Custom.


Here is an SG G-400 '65 Reissue Custom Shop with Vibrola in Pelham Blue.

It's on Reverb.com for $350 plus shipping.

SG '65RI




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It is hard to get your blue pictures to upload, the second one simple wouldn't.

But going off the one of the headtstock, I would say you do not have an SG, you have a Les Paul SG.

The first SG was the new model Les Paul, the times were tough and Fender was killing the Les Paul in the sales department. Gibson wanted to make a guitars to compete with the Telecaster the Stratocaster, so in 1961, they came out with it, Les Hated it.

And when his TV show was done, he asked that his name be taken off it. That is when the name was changed to SG.


At least, that is what I have been told over the years, I am sure there is more to it, but anyways, I think your Blue one is a Les Paul SG reissue. Your other one is a standard G-400 with a tremolo unit.

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I will comment , sadly . In 2014 , or so , I did order 2 of these instruments . But , they were damaged and I did not keep them , SA , OK , I was a bit disturbed , but did not lose any $ but , I do not have 1 , and I believe , that would have been most excellent :(



I thought about keeping the 2nd 1 and getting my guitar fixing guy to work on it ...but , I was too distraught ...oh well , next time , maybe :(


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SA=Sam Ash and Fedex :( dig it :( I even asked SA to put them in a hard case ...which they did not do... 2x :( oh well . I have not ordered anything since then , from SA , sorry , but that was my experience :( peace :)

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