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2013 Gibson LPXHYCHP Honey Burst


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Hi my name is Keith, and in 2014 i Bought this 2013 Gibson LPXHYCHP Les Paul . But haven't been able to find much Information on them except for the original sales information.

Was wondering how come you don't see any around for sale or how many were made. This one Has never been played ended up in hospital and arthritis got my hands came in the Gibson hard shell case with gig bag for the wireless Blue Tooth foot controls and batteries this one has the works robo tuning can be made to sound like any other guitar out there with the flip of a switch or turn of a knob.The guitar has the honey burst colors I would appreciate any information on this guitar and how many were made how come you can't find any out there for sale and how much the guitar might be worth.


Thanks Keith

post-89102-060848800 1513635654_thumb.jpg

post-89102-037821900 1513636047_thumb.jpg

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Holy mother of God!!





Yes it is one lot of guitar never had one that would do so much from the guitar it self .

can't seem to find much on how many were made and how come you don't see any around

and find out what it is worth.

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Well I would say that the main thing about them is that a lot of guitar players are pretty conservative with their gear... So there were many many people who really hated all the knobs and effects... This started with the Firebird X which I cant even begin to explain how much people hated.. By the time the LPX came out I just think everyone had lost interest...


There has been others like the Dark Fire



and the Dusk Tiger



But they never really seemed very popular.. What a lot of people want from Gibson is their history, guitars that they relate to through the music made on them over the years and guitars made in a traditional way with not many bells and whistles.


Well that's what I reckon anyway.

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Interesting instrument Keith, I've never heard of them and I've been hanging out in this bar for a few years now.

I doubt they'd have sold many at all, mainly cos it's hard to think who would have bought them new? - maybe middle aged guys with plenty of cash who decide to take up guitar and see it as a way of accumulating heaps of options/equipment all in one go? ...So it should be quite rare, but whether that makes it valuable I've no idea - I do wonder if the seeming fact that hi-tech constantly seems to get updated and then the older tech rapidly becomes redundant might be an issue for the future, but then again if Gibson gets shy about ever making hi-tech robot guitars again it could become sought after as a rarity in years to come...maybe.


Hope it gives you lots of pleasure in any case!

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Guest Farnsbarns

They really didn't go down well so probably didn't sell well. I guess that's why there are only a few out there.


It's clever, that's for sure.

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So it's that Firebird that no one bought with a new and improved LP shape?...

Basically, Yes.


Gibson thought (perhaps) it was the utterly hideous shape of the Firebird X which was the only reason those 'birds didn't fly off the shelves (contrived, I know) but they failed to take into account how totally abhorrent was the new Tech. which was thought by the geniuses back at base to be a 'desirable feature'.


Practically no-one wanted one of these when they were new. I don't see that changing much ever.


I'm absolutely sure it will have a million tones available at the flick of several switches but 99.99999% of Les Paul players want their guitar to sound like a Les Paul.


Simple, really. And I really mean Simple.



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Well Gibson are generally very tight lipped when it comes to numbers unless it specifically says so on the models web page.


As for what its worth.. Since they didn't go down that well its hard to say... The best way to find that out is simply to do what any of us would and go to ebay, craigslist and the like and see what they are selling for.


Ok so I just went and had a look myself after giving some generic advice there. You are right, there really doesn't seem to be any for sale... I did find this cool colour though which I hadn't seen before.




So far I have only seen one place mention the original price which is here ( $4,999 ).


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well thank you all, for your feedback and information It's nice to text with people who enjoy texting back.

also those who love their guitars as much as you all do. yea the black LPX is kinda cool.

most people find one kind of axe and they stay with that brand but isn't. but it is amazing how many guitars out there.

and surprising how many were made by the original makers of the good ole guitars such as Gibson And Fender.

I know that before Leo Fender Died he started Fender, Music Man and G&L just to mention a few.

That Gibson had Ibenhaze ,epiphone so many of the brands that Gibson has spond off it is truly amazing.

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