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sg vs sg in concert !


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My linkin the best videos you had on tv and now in youtube

but with Dailymotion too

you have this one !


with some incredible guitarists : JJ Goldman who is a very very famous songwriter, singer and guitarist

with a huge success since 1981 in his solo carrer


his guitarist Michael Jones played with a PRS here and he was always a part of his guitarists on tour and albums sometimes


the other is Louis Bertignac who was famous because of his carrer in the rock band: Téléphone (1976 -1986) and now it's called les Insus

he is a guitar hero with a unique sg


Bertignac and his old sg junior (1963) with a custom side: new tuners, special nut lol and 27 frets !

no pickguard

broken head


you can listen to different styles



PRS+ chorus +?

and the SG +EMG pickups http://dai.ly/xeb0h : the tone is different here


enjoy ! and the drummer was amazing

good other musicians too and a rock, faster ending



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