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Epiphone vs Gibson


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I made this short video today with my 2006 Epiphone Classic PlusTop and 1990 Gibson Studio just to hear the difference. I did a short riff because whenever I watch a video of someone doing a comparison they do minute long solos/riffs and I always feel like it's too long to hear the difference. So I made my own with a short riff so you can hear them both in a short amount of time to really get to hear the difference.


I'm not gonna say if the first guitar playing is the Gibson or Epiphone just yet, but comment and let me know which one you think is which! cheers! [thumbup]



link to the video --------->

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I saw this thread and thought... here we go again..


But after listening, I think you did get it right with how you did the comparison. Short clips, same selection of notes.


TBH.. There really is not that much tonally different in each sample, if I had to guess, the "First" one in each sample may be the epi, I hear just something else in the texture of the tone for second sample, subtle, but I hear it.


Don't let the cat out of the bag tho.. PM me if you want to disclose...

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