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Hello,from Brooksville,Fl.


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Hello,All Mason here(holyjaguar),I play a Bunch of different guitars,but one of my favorites is my 20th ann. 2014 LPJ.

I bought it new as A neck and body(with Plekked nut,and frets)Husk,and built it out to a EMG powered Monster,with a schaller fine tuner tail piece.(Similar to my Kahler equipped guitars=3,one of which is the Tun`o matic mount Kahler),or my F.R.equipped guitars=3.Love the LPJ a Lot.Also own a `63 ish Brown/Brown Discoverer GA-8T,with a celestion "12,as the original speaker was trashed.(I still have it)..Also play bass,and use a Lab series 1/"15 inch cab,still stock,with either a Trace Elliot,or a Behringer head.Will list that stuff in sig. when I figure out how,anyways nice forum

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