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Hey all. I've been going back and forth over my purchasing another Lester. Problem is I went to Guitar Center and played a couple of their Traditionals and yea, I fell in love with another Les Paul (Some how feel like one of the fringe Mormon sects #-o I guess it's Big Love =P~ )So I did it. I broke down and added a '08 Traditional Desert Burst to my family. Now I was a bit hesitant before playing one because mainly of the neck. I really enjoy playing on a '60's style neck. I had to part ways with my '01 Ebony Standard because the '50's neck was just to damn chunky. (Although it did have some mighty fine sustain that I have to partially attribute to that log) So to my way of thinking this feels somewhere between the two. Very comfortable. Even for my old arthritic fingers. The Plek was great! I dropped the action and pickups when I got home with her and it's even better than my '05 Faded. After another week of two I'll replace the strings with my favored Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9-42's. Alright, here are a couple of pics of her. Some with the stock pickguard and a couple with my clear "Screwless" pickguard on.




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You have the tastiest les paul studio i have ever seen.


i actually love it so much. All you need now is to rub off the finish on the back of the neck and it will be the most awesome les paul ever.


What pickups?

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