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1997 les paul doublecut? yes that one lol signed by peter frampton


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i am a dead hard core fan of peter frampton..and i once owned a 1997 les paul double cut,,nit the most famous of les pauls i know..but she was the only neck that i could never put aside because of my smaller hands..had to sell for cash but...there i a great deal on the table for me as you will see on the link


im guessing that 1200 canadian would be about 700 usd..would you buy this dc les paul for that price?..does anyone own one?



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Gorgeous guitar, and yes I do love Peter Frampton.


A few questions though;

Is this a guitar you are considering buying via long-distance internet transaction?





Is there a reason we can't view a clear photo of the top front of the headstock?

I can't make out the word, "Gibson" for the life of me.



Is it just me?

(My eyes are 58 years old, forgive me.)



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