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So, What's for Christmas dinner?

Dennis G

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Baked Ham with pineapples, cherries and honey glaze; candied sweet potatoes with brown sugar, cinnamon and marshmallows; green-bean casserole with french onions and cream of mushroom soup; broccoli in cheese sauce; cranberry sauce; hot dinner rolls. That's the menu, and I'm the cook. [biggrin]

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Starters - Prawn & avocado cocktail and Mexican chicken cups

Mains - Guinness and maple glazed baked ham, roast chicken with hazelnut stuffing, with various salads

Dessert - Pavlova with mascarpone cream and fruit, dark chocolate mousse cake, ice cream, jelly, custard


Well that's lunch, then over to the inlaws for dinner, probably similar...maybe with extra seafood...


...now, if I can just find my damned eatin' pants.

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We used to go out to a very good Chinese Buffet for Christmas Lunch and have whatever for dinner but this year I think she's planning on cooking a Turkey in the rotisserie with all the side dishes. Potatoes and dressing and green bean casserole and such for just us. That's lunch and dinner. I'll miss going to the Chinese place and singing my usual song from the Christmas Story, 'Deck the 'Hauls with 'Whats of 'Hauly, fau wha lau, lau lau, wha lau lau lau... lol.

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Christmas Eve dinner will go into the crockpot in a few hours.

Seared steak tips, lightly browned chicken thigh pieces, spicy sausage, and sautéed onions and mushrooms.

Slow cook all day, then steadily add diced tomatoes, peppers, and a variety of beans.

By the end of a long, chilly day, everyone will be ready for some savory chili, and this is going to be a really good one.



For Christmas Day, a number of family members will converge on the house, and we will enjoy:

Fresh baked ham

A nicely-browned turkey roasted in the Charbroil Big Easy

Stuffing and gravy

Sweet potato casserole, baked according to our mom's vintage recipe


Southern-style, homemade cheese macaroni



And cold beerss.



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I eat fairly healthy (I know a good butcher who sells scraps, hence my being-alive-ness after buying two guitars in a year).


I dunno what my nears and dears put in the Christmas food. Just before 24 h had passed, I had my last, err, movement. The FIFTH in twenty-four hours. A new personal worst by 40 per cent.


The food was great, though.

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I didnt know until today. It was turkey with a veg option (nut & mushroom wellington) on the side for good measure. Many thanks to Ang, Dave & Lorraine. [biggrin]


Crisp or well done veg options. All the trimming + Champagne. Good company too.


Then I had to go & feed my son's cats. Thier Xmas dinner was raw steak!


I'm at home with some wine now. :)

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