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Happy Christmas NGD


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Congrats, it looks great. Your wife get you that? You're lucky.


Yes sir, I am indeed lucky.


We picked her out and ordered 'er from Zzounds a few months ago.

9 months same as cash, and so, she was delivered and then reposed in her original shipping crate in the back closet here since mid-October.

She was uncrated and opened up for the first time on Christmas morning.


Funny thing is, and it's not a big deal to me, but;

She's a 2013 model.


Brand new, and never taken out of the case since manufacture 4 and a half years ago, but it's odd that Zzounds never chose to advertise the age of all these Sully Erna guitars they were advertising a few months ago.


I did some digging around, and it appears that the Gibson Les Paul Sully Erna Studio was built in 2012 and 2013.

While the retail price was listed at $2,300, the guitar eventually seemed to be selling (with a case), at music stores for about $1400.


Apparently they over-produced and under-sold, and so the guitars languished in storage for awhile.


Gibson then re-badged the truss rod cover with Sully's signature on it earlier this year, and pushed them back out on the market as the Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Sully Erna Signature, at a really good price.

(I paid $804 for mine, with the gorgeous hard case of course.)


Looks like they manage to sell most of them before Christmas, judging by what I'm seeing online, including all they had in stock at Zzounds.


Odd history, but I truly do love this guitar.

She's a keeper.



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