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NGD on Thursday


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So it has arrived!


Very, very cold and condensation forming on it as soon as I brought it in. I let it warm through for half an hour and then tuned her up. Bam! Straight into tune, without any issues at all. The neck is just glorious, as is the set up. Slightly high, but I will leave it for a bit before messing with it. Intonation is spot on, no high spots anywhere on the frets that I can make out. A truly amazing guitar out of the box. Tonally the thing is immense. The pickups are the Memphis ones and are exactly spot on for my taste, articulate and very smooth. No harshness at all.

The finish is not what I expected to be honest. I was under the impression the '63 was a reissue only, but this has all the hardware tarrnished and the nitro deliberately flat as if aged. I was expecting a "new" version of an old guitar, but boy am I glad it is how it is. COA all there, case is not marked Gibson, which also surprised me, but it is a very well made (and heavy!) item.

First impressions, which are meant to the be the lasting ones, are just unbelievable. This is my first "New" Gibson, as both my previous purchases have been secondhand and I have not been dissapointed. Stunning!

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Here she is....


Niiiiiice! That is some serious quilty flameage!


You can also right click on the pics from the ad, "copy image location," then click the "insert image" button on the ribbon above the post-your-text box, and paste in that image location, like this....



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Very beautiful....how does it play?


As well, if not better than my LP Traditional, which has been pro set up and really well played in.

This is just amazing out of the box. I do need to take the action down a touch and replace the strings, but that is a minor quibble and very much down to my own preference.

The sustain is just so organic, I can feel it through my fingers and the body resonance when playing seated is very noticeable.

The tone is a lot brighter than I thought which is a bonus, as I can roll it back if needed. I am playing through a Scratch built 5E3 that I made and it is certainly sounding very good through that with the tone on 50%.

The neck is flatter in profile than the LP Traditional and seems to suit my hands quite well. I do have rather chunky fingers, but have not experienced any issues yet other than my own limitations.....

The frets are high, but I was expecting that, as i had read reviews to that effect. I also have a HW1 Tele, with a similar arrangement and frankly it doesnt concern me at all. I guess they will wear down over time anyway.

The intonation is spot on, there are no high/low frets that I have noticed yet, so no choking or buzz at all. It is also very quiet when plugged in, ie. no noise other than when playing, which is also another bonus.

The pick ups also have very good definition across the strings, I know some people have mentioned they are "muddy", but I am just not getting this at all. Perhaps they are not using a decent amp? This seems to have a very "open" tone, if that makes sense? Very full and natural sounding. I really, really like it.....

All in all, its a thing of wonder. I am very pleased to have bought it and it is most defintely here to stay.

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