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I'm here... :-$ Right now I'm...somewhere...in an undisclosed location :^o


If anything big happens i normally post it if i can.


I've had some sort of flu or something lately... been really out of it. ;)


I do schoolwork, play guitar, try to sleep and relax and maybe fit some drawing in there... haven't been an extremely active poster as of late but i stealthily browse the forums pretty much every day to see what's up.


You guys have no idea how much it means to me to have people genuinely interested in my well-being. These forums have been so wonderful for me. These forums are my favorite out of any of the other forums i visit... it's a great community overall. We have our squabbles but we normally end up putting our differences aside to talk about a common love: music and guitars. There are some real wonderful characters on here. I've learned so much and i (hope) I've helped some people as well.


I'll probably let ya know if I'm going to be taking a hiatus or leaving for good... so if i don't post for a while it probably just means I'm trying to combat sleep deprivation or something of that sort and I'll be back.


I think that's it...


Thanks again for everyone's support!

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